Guide: Budget and other Travel Tips

❤ Amazing World Heritage site consisting of breath-taking temples of a variety of construction. It's totally worth seeing.
❤ Cheap exotic food. I find that the food there tastes similar to Vietnamese (fresh spring rolls) / Thai food (curry / papaya salad - usually not as spicy) and homemade Chinese dishes.  The soup there is strange but fabulous (usually kind of sour but awesome).  Try it.

there are a lot of amazing temples but they might eventually all merge into one for the average tourist, no matter how impressive they appear at first.  you can probably squeeze in 5 or more temples/sites in 8 hours,  but most people might get templed out after 2 days.  it is very hot and there's a lot of walking / climbing of stairs.

► Flying to Angkor International Airport is probably the most direct/fastest way.
► The airport is about 20 minutes by car to Siemp Reap, where the hotels are.
► Most of the temples are a 20-minute drive from Siem Reap.

US$25 in cash for the visa when entering (you can bring a picture or it can be taken right there)
US$25 for departure tax when leaving
Angkor Wat Temple Entry Pass (5 am to 6 pm) to get into most of the sites. Your pass (with photo taken right there) will be checked out front of each site's entrance.1 day  = US$20
3 days = US$40
7 days = US$60

♠ Hire a driver / motorcycle for less than $30 dollars per day. Pay at the end of each day.
♠ There are taxis at the airport. Motorcycle taxis are evereywhere on the steet in Siem Reap.
♠ Taxis are pricier though better for longer trips to further sites as some roads are quite bumpy.

♠  The driver will likely recommend a route to see the most popular temples based on how many days you have.
♠  The driver may want to charge more if you want to see further sites.

♣ Most places actually do not take the local currency, Riel, so change most of your money to US dollars where it's widely accepted/preferred

♣ Make sure you have an idea of how much to pay to avoid getting overcharged. For example, when trying to get a boat ride to TonlĂ© Sap Lake/River, they'll likely look at your face and tell you a random price since there is no official price printed on the ticket.  Ask the hotel staff / driver beforehand.  People operating the boat may ask you for a separate tip/donation.

♣ The driver will likely take  you to restaurants by the temple and the food is more expensive although not extremely pricey. In more touristy restaurants, it should be around US$20 for 2 people, depending on what you order of course.  If you eat in Siem Reap, it will be much cheaper.  At local joints where you can see other Cambodian customers, it's should cost half or a third as much.

♣ If you want to donate school supplies to the local school, you can buy supplies at the local markets - you will get more for your money than at touristy places.  Everywhere you go, someone will try to ask for a donation, so be prepared and decide what you want to give.

► INDEX Chart : list of Temples of Angkor and sites around Siem Reap
    Angkor Thom's West GateBayonBaphuonPhimeanakasTerrace of the ElephantsPrasat Suor PratNorth Kleang
    Angkor WatPhnom BakhengPrasat KravanBanteay KdeiSras SrangTa ProhmTa KeoThommanon
    Roluos Group's LoleiPreah KoBakong ♦♦♦♦♦ Banteay SreiKbal Spean ♦♦♦♦♦ TonlĂ© Sap