Cambodian Food ❤ Khmer Dishes

Eating in Siem Reap should be cheap. Most of everything is in English since it is a tourist town. It is cheaper to eat at more local restaurants around Old Market (you can see local people eating there) - think 50-cent milk shakes. You might want to join the locals considering how tough your digestive system is... Around Pub Street and other restaurants for tourists, food is not too pricey either. You probably won't need to spend more than USD$10 for breakfast for 2 with beverages. Lunch and dinner cost a bit more. Don't miss happy hour drinks along Pub Street.

Some fresh spring rolls taste like Vietnamese spring rolls but more herbal thus more flavorful.

Cambodian soup often tastes sour but is interestingly delicious! Full of herbs and surprising elements.... like pineapples!

Amok is apparently a popular Cambodian dish... tastes kind of like curry, although often not as spicy.

The salads are crazy good... crunchy and full of flavor. some are very spicy!!

Other Khmer dishes, especially stir fried meat and vegetables, taste very similar to homemade Chinese dishes.

These yummy sweet Cambodia desserts served cold contain palm fruit and coconut milk.

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